If you want a low maintenance, cost effective, driveway gravel has many advantages in addition to its ease and simplicity when laying out your new drive or path. Gravel is almost impossible to walk silently on so it can provide an excellent barrier to intruders. It will allow the rain to run through where sometimes other surfaces can be an issue and gravel comes in many decorative colours and sizes so there is always an ideal option for your driveway.

Pea gravel looks great but can have a tendency to "walk" into the surrounding borders as the shape prevents it locking together. Crushed rock or angular gravel on the other hand will interlock with surrounding chips, especially when combined with a fine particle mix. This makes it an ideal solution for pathways and seating areas.

As always, ask Staplehurst Driveways for some advice on the best surface for your pathway and you'll have a durable, aesthetically pleasing surface which needs the minimum of maintenance for years to come.

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